Ki Tavo—Secret Sins

Cursed be anyone who strikes down his neighbor in secret. And all the people shall respond–Amen. (Deut. 27:24)

In Deuteronomy 27, the whole nation of Israel stands on two mountains in a covenant ceremony of blessings and curses. Medieval Jewish commentators noted that the sins that Israel curses are secret sins, or at least sins that are hard to detect: defrauding the poor, misleading the blind, bribery, etc.

When Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai (c. 30-90 CE)  was on his deathbed, his disciples asked for his blessing. He said to them, “May it be His will that your fear of Heaven be as great as your fear of flesh and blood.” “Only so much?”  his students exclaimed.  “Would that it were so much!” he replied.   “For you know that when someone is about to sin, he first thinks, ‘I hope no man sees me.'”


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  1. Just LOVE Both of your posts! Thank You.

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