Vayelekh–Coming and Going

Moses said to them: I am now 120 years old, I can no longer come and go.  (Deut 31:2)

To what does the phrase “come and go” refer? Perhaps it means “exercise military leadership ” (Tigay); this makes sense in context, but the form of the verb is wrong.  The reference may be to travel (cf. JPS, “be active”).  The best known use of this phrase is from Psalm 121: “the Lord shall guard you going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever.”

Thursday’s Torah will take a brief hiatus while we contemplate our own comings and goings from one year to the next during the next couple of weeks.   We will meet again on October 11, two days after Simchas Torah, for the first parsha in Genesis, Bereshit.  In the meantime, may you be aware of God’s presence in your own comings and goings as we mark this seam in time.  L’shanah tovah.

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