Tetzaveh–The Inner Point

I will consecrate the tent of meeting and the altar . . . And I will dwell among the people of Israel, and will be their God.  And they shall know that I am the LORD their God.    (Ex. 29:44-46)

For the late 19th century Hasidic teacher known as the Sefat Emet, the place of the divine/human encounter is the nekuda, the innermost point. The nekuda of the world is its “truest existence. . . . the source and true essence of all that is. Everything else is near garb, the infinitely daily costumes with which this point that animates all being has chosen to cloak itself.” (Arthur Green, The Language of Truth, xxxii)

There is a corresponding nekuda in us, capable of realizing the nekuda of creation.   “All things are brought into being by him. But the point is hidden and we have to expand it. This depends upon the point within us, for the more we expand our own souls, the more God is revealed to us in every place. This is the meaning of “when Yahweh your God widens your border (Deut. 12:20): when the point spreads forth and expands throughout the human soul.”

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